A $30,000 stainless steel fridge and fridge parts package deal is going on in the Vancouver area

A deal between two different brands of stainless steel parts and appliances has gone public, and it is offering a $30-million dollar deal.

The deal, announced Wednesday, is the second of its kind for stainless steel.

A similar deal was announced in April 2018.

The company, called LyondellBasell Ltd., said it would be offering a deal that is the largest single-year offer in Canada.

The new deal is the biggest in the country for stainless.

It will include parts, accessories, and parts kits for appliances and refrigerators.

The two brands will sell at the same time.

“This is a great opportunity to extend our reach and enhance our portfolio in the stainless steel market and build on the tremendous momentum of the 2018 LyondelBasell stainless steel campaign,” said Lyondenbasell president and chief executive officer Mark Seddon.

“The brand is now leading the way with innovative stainless steel products that can be installed and maintained, providing a superior value for the customer.”

The company said it is also making a strategic investment in the development of its future products, including the next generation of its Lyondelle appliances.

“With a strong product portfolio, and a growing market share, Lyondella is poised to continue to grow and expand in the years ahead,” Seddoff said.

A deal with Lyondells, which is based in Victoria, B.C., is also expected to close by the end of 2018.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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