When stainless steel is no longer an option, we’re ready for something new: An

by Paul Steinhauser and Peter B. Steinhauster article In an interview with The Wall St. Journal, Paul Steinhaupt and Peter Steinhaustner, two of the founders of the iconic stainless steel industry, said they were willing to go to any lengths to make their stainless steel products more affordable and sustainable.

“I believe in the stainless steel,” Steinhauer said.

“If I was a designer, I would have to go all the way to a blacksmith.

But we have the same passion.”

Stainless steel is a high-carbon, low-magnification, high-stain quality steel.

It is also made of highly durable and heat resistant stainless steel and nickel-chromium alloy.

It was once used as the standard in automobiles, but the industry has declined over the years.

The industry is now in a state of transition, and the companies that make the products are facing some tough competition from newer alternatives, such as aluminum.

“We’re looking at a changing landscape where the price of stainless steel has gone up and the quality of stainless has gone down,” Steinhauer said.

He and Steinhausters said they would like to see the industry transition to stainless steel from the outside in, so it is less costly and environmentally friendly.

“Stainless is going to be an essential component of our lives for decades to come,” Steinhamber said.

The Wall Journal article

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