A look at the world’s most amazing gadgets

We’ve all seen the gadgets at the supermarket, the office, and the home that are the perfect blend of the everyday and the exotic.

But we’ve never seen something so exotic as a Swiss army knife.

And it’s not just the blade that has gone wild.

The knife itself has undergone a series of upgrades to become the world record holder for the most advanced knife in the world.

A Swiss army sword The world’s longest-standing Swiss army blade was unveiled at the Swiss Army Institute of Technology in Lausanne on Saturday.

The sword, which measures a little over 12cm (4.7in) long, is made of stainless steel and weighs a hefty 14.5kg (28.5lb).

The blade was made by the Swiss company, Knurp-Art and was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of the International Association of Machinists.

“It’s a great tool, it’s a fantastic sword, and we want to keep it that way,” said Knurpy-Art’s president, Tobias Fink.

“We are not trying to make a huge knife, we are just trying to keep this Swiss army weapon as cool as possible.”

A rare item The sword’s blade was also awarded the Gold Medal for its extraordinary performance, winning a prestigious silver medal for its outstanding ergonomics.

“A Swiss army, a Swiss tool,” said Fink, adding that the blade was a perfect match for the steel, which gives it a “very light weight”.

The blade has a blade width of 14.1cm (3.1in) and a blade length of 8.9cm (2.4in).

It is said to have been designed by the renowned Swiss inventor, Paul von Berg, who designed the famous sword.

Knurpsmiths at the Institute of Materials Science and Metallurgy of the Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology (BIS) presented the knife to the public for the first time on Friday, marking the world debut of the blade.

Knursmachts new blade was given a special seal by the Institute for International Cooperation in International Cooperation (CITIC) at the prestigious Herzog-Stiftung in Laussanne.

The Swiss sword was made from stainless steel, made from aluminium, and had an internal steel liner.

It was also made with a titanium core, which allows the blade to withstand temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius (2,200° Fahrenheit).

A new design The blade also features a titanium frame that is designed to resist abrasion.

The titanium frame is designed so that when it is struck by a sharp object, it will flex the blade’s edge.

This allows the edge to be easily broken and repaired.

The Blade’s blade is also made from titanium, which has the potential to become extremely tough and corrosion resistant.

Knurders of the institute have been working on the knife for the last few years and are proud to announce that the knife has won the Gold medal for best titanium-based knife.

The blade is being used in Knurms research into the use of titanium-containing materials in blades, including in titanium-machined blades.

“For us titanium is a very important material, it is very strong and extremely lightweight, so when we were designing the titanium-made knife, it was very important to design it with titanium in mind,” said Markus Pfeffer, Knurd’s director of design and production.

The stainless steel blade is made from a combination of titanium and titanium alloy, which also makes up the blades overall shape.

“The titanium is very light and lightweight, and also, for the titanium alloy itself, we wanted to create a very light blade, which was easy to maintain, and durable,” Pfefer added.

“In the future we will make titanium blades with a high tensile strength, which we can use for all sorts of applications, from blades to swords.”

The steel has been tempered to a high degree of hardness, and it has a very low temperature resistance.

The blades overall length is 2.5cm (1.3in), and its thickness is 0.9mm.

The steel is also very light, at only 2.8 grams (1oz).

“In addition to titanium and the titanium in the blade, we have added stainless steel to the blade,” Pyeffer added.

The high strength of the steel has made it one of the strongest knives in the industry.

“There is no reason why we cannot make a knife that is as strong as the best steel in the market today,” said Pfeffer.

The Swiss army’s longest blade, a little under 10cm (5.2in) In 2013, the Swiss army awarded the blade with the title of the world leader in titanium, a title”

This steel is made to last a very long time, and I think that’s why it has won gold medals.”

The Swiss army’s longest blade, a little under 10cm (5.2in) In 2013, the Swiss army awarded the blade with the title of the world leader in titanium, a title

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