A rainbow stainless knife in a stainless steel container, by Emily Clements

Emily Coles and her boyfriend, Josh, were in the kitchen making dinner when they noticed a big rainbow of stainless steel knives on the counter.

“We thought, ‘This is awesome,'” she says.

Coles said she loves the idea of bringing a new tool to the table and that she had been wanting to make one since her freshman year of high school.

She has used the knife on a range of projects, from crafting to making a cake to sewing.

But she said she hadn’t planned on putting the knives in a container until now.

After a few weeks of deliberation, she decided to make a rainbow stainless tool.

The knife comes with a metal handle, a brass tip and a small pouch that holds a knife with a blade.

The handle has a hole for attaching a spoon or a spoon holder.

The stainless steel inside is stainless steel and comes with black oxide and chrome-plated steel.

Coles said the knife’s stainless steel blades were created by melting a stainless metal alloy that is used in the production of some high-end stainless steels.

The handle is made from stainless steel alloy.

(Courtesy of Emily Cles Coles)The pouch holds the knife with the stainless steel blade and is secured by a stainless-steel strap.

She said the pouch is a good size for two knives, but could easily fit four or five knives.

The pouch also features a clip that doubles as a pocket knife, Coles says.

She also plans to sell the pouch as a gift to people who she thinks might be interested in making the same knife.

As for the knife itself, Clements says it’s a very durable knife.

It’s made of stainless-titanium alloy and is made to last years of use.

You can buy the knife from Coles’ Etsy shop for $199.99 and the pouch from Amazon for $29.99.

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