Stainless steel rifle: The history of a niche product

A stainless steel rangefinder rifle is a relatively simple piece of kit with a simple design.

It’s simple to assemble, but requires some special skills.

This article explains the history of the stainless steel firearm rangefinder.

Stainless Steel Rifle RangefinderThe history of Stainless Steel RangefinderIn the early 1960s, the US Army decided to create a firearm rangefinding system that would be suitable for use on long-range, heavy, and fast-moving ground forces.

To facilitate this new system, the Army commissioned an independent company to design and produce the first stainless steel pistol rangefinder, the Stainless Steel Pistol Rangefinder (SSRP).

The SSRP was not a weapon-grade rifle, but rather a small rangefinder with a small metal case and a few key components, such as a scope mount and a barrel mount.

The SSRP could be easily converted to accept a standard scope mount.

To accomplish this conversion, the stainless steels used were simply brushed and polished into a steel finish, so the SSRPs barrel had to be coated with a special coating that retained the steel finish and made the gun resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel was the preferred alloy for the SSPRs barrel, as it was less likely to corrode and retain its original metal finish.

The SSRPs barrel bore was then machined to the desired length, and then the barrel was attached to the SSRP rifle.

The barrel itself was machined and stamped into place using a simple steel forging process.

The SSRPS barrels bore was stamped with a number of letters to identify the stainless and the rifle.

These letters were stamped onto the barrel and receiver to mark the stainless in the barrel.

In the SSPP, the numbers were simply stamped on the receiver and on the front of the barrel to identify it as a stainless rifle.

Once the barrel had been made, it was simply assembled in a range of lengths for the rifle to be used.

The length of the rangefinder ranged from 12 inches (300mm) to 24 inches (550mm).

The barrel was then assembled using the bolt carrier and the receiver was then screwed into the SSRs barrel.

The rifle was then removed from the barrel assembly and the barrel nut was then tapped into the barrel for the first time.

The gun was then fired with the trigger pulled and the bolt was then cocked and locked.

To make the bolt and bolt carrier more robust, the SSRMPs bore was also cored and coated with an alloy to prevent rust.

This Stainless Steel Rifle rangefinder was produced for the US Military and was then used by the United States Army.

The first SSRP rifles were produced between 1971 and 1979, and the SSPs barrels were produced until about 1983.

The US Army was very reluctant to allow the US Government to manufacture these firearms for civilian use because of concerns over their corrosion resistance.

It was not until 1984 that the US Congress passed the Stearns Carbine Ordinance, which authorized the manufacture of these guns for civilian customers.

However, the only real use of the SSRFMs barrel was for military and police use.

In the 1980s, as the SSRGPs popularity grew, it became necessary for the Army to re-engineer the SSRCP.

The design of the new SSRCPS was much different than the original SSRP.

Instead of the standard barrel mount, the barrel itself had been cut away from the rifle and the top of the gun was threaded onto a steel barrel nut.

A simple screw-on barrel nut, with a steel bolt carrier, and a metal receiver, was machinated into the receiver.

The receiver was also machined, and machined again, to accommodate the new barrel.

This is a very simple Stainless Steel rifle with a barrel and scope mount made by the US Navy.

The stock has a brass barrel nut and a steel receiver.

This SSRP rifle has a standard stainless steel barrel and a standard steel scope mount on it.

These stainless steel SSRPP rifles are now in the possession of the Navy.

This article shows you how to make a new SSRRP with an old SSRP and then convert it to accept an aluminum scope mount for use in the USMC, US Marines, or any other military organization.

Steel Pistol RangefindersIn the 1970s, several manufacturers of high-quality pistols began producing rangefinders, and by the 1980’s, there were several different types of SSRPGs available.

Some of these pistols were known as “Steel Pistol” rangefindies, which meant they had a steel slide with a copper grip, which were made with brass in the sights.

Other pistols had a plastic barrel, and could also be converted to an aluminum barrel with a plastic carrier.

In the mid-1980s, there was also a type of SSRP called the “B

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