Stainless steel growlers may be coming to Australia, report says

The Australian’s story of the growing demand for stainless steel growls with a sense of urgency.

It is a message that has been reinforced by the recent rise in the number of people who are buying stainless steel tanks, from around 200,000 in 2014 to about 400,000 last year.

And, in some cases, a rise in demand has driven prices down.

“We have seen people buy tanks that were $150,000 years ago and now they’re $50,000,” the head of the Australian Chemical Industry Association, Andrew Wilson, said.

But the trend may be more gradual.

We’re starting to see a trend that is more gradual, where the people that are buying are buying in bulk, rather than individual tank,” Mr Wilson said.”

We’re also seeing a lot of people using their own containers for growing.

“The key is that people are buying them in bulk to get a higher price for the product.

In February, the Australian Food and Drug Administration warned that people could face hefty fines for not purchasing the proper containers.

For more on the latest news in the health industry, watch the ABC News Health channel.

The agency recommended people should be wary of the stainless steel cleaner and the stainless stainless steel feeder, which can be found on Amazon for about $70.

A spokesperson for Amazon told the ABC the product was not available for sale in Australia.

They also told the agency the products were not currently available for the US and were being discontinued.”

While we cannot provide any information about specific products that are currently available in Australia, we are committed to providing customers with quality, safe, affordable, and accessible products at reasonable prices,” the spokesperson said.

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