A rare stainless steel sheep wool from New Zealand’s North Island has been named ‘the best wool ever’

A rare New Zealand sheep wool that was named the “best wool ever” has been revealed as “the most important piece of wool in New Zealand”.

The wool was purchased by a North Island woman who said she couldn’t wait to share it with her children.

It has been described as “sophisticated” by the North Island’s Wool Board.

A North Island wool farmer said the wool was worth more than $100,000 (£63,000) but she couldn, and would, share it “with my children”.

The farmer, who does not want to be named, said it was “very special” to share the wool with her family.

“I’m so proud to be able to give back to New Zealand, and the country I love and work in,” she said.

“There’s nothing quite like wool to be given back.”

The wool, from a region called North Island, has a thick, black wool that is the most expensive of any wool she’s ever bought.

“The best wool in the world, and I’ve bought it once, twice, three times,” she told the New Zealand Herald.

“It’s worth more money than I’m going to ever buy wool in my life.”

The Wool Board is currently auctioning off a selection of wool for its online auction website, hoping to raise $20,000 to buy it back.

But there are some concerns about the wool.

It’s not the first time the wool has been called “the best” and the Wool Board says it is confident it will be able “to provide the best wool available for future use”.

The Wool Bureau says the wool is “extremely fine” and is “very good” but it does not know if it will sell for more than it costs to produce it.

It said it is “confident” that it will “provide the best possible wool for future generations”.

“It will be a privilege to offer our customers a unique opportunity to purchase this unique and very valuable wool in perpetuity,” it said in a statement.

The Wool Museum said it had received no formal comment from the Wool Bureau.

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