Fixcol Wall Paper

Product Information

This wallpaper adhesive is suitable for normal wallpapers including lining paper, heavy embossed wallpapers, washables, vinyls and blown vinyls and covers 15 rolls on average.

  • Contains fungicide - Prevents mould growth
Features & Benefits

This FIXCOL All Purpose wallpaper has a durable, extra strong formula for long lasting results. It has fast mix properties for quick and easy preparation.

  • Mixes in just 20 seconds and ready to use in just 2 minutes for less effort and a faster job
  • Extra smooth formula, no nasty lumps
  • Extra strong formula, ideal for all paste the paper wallpapers
  • Brand: FIXCOL
  • Coverage: 15 rolls
  • Application: Paste the paper
  • Coverage: 1 rolls
  • Container size: 1Kg
  • Ingredients: Modified starch and fungicide