Fixcol SA

Special Properties
  • FIXCOL is widely used for all Types of Wood, Cold Press/Hot Press and Post forming applications.
  • For bonding Plywood/MDF/Particle board etc with each other & also bonding with Laminate/Veneer etc.
  • For the purpose of bonding Paper/Cardboard/Thermocol/Book-Binding, Pencil Manufacturing, Handicrafts and Paper Tube Making
  • Resistant to water & heat
  • Unsurpassed bonding strength
  • Appearance: High viscous white liquid
  • Viscosity (BF,CPS #5, 30) 30°c: 40000 to 45000 PCS
  • Solid: 45-47%
  • Ph: 4-5
  • Drying time (in sec): Medium
  • Particle size: < 1 Micron
  • Residual monomer content: < 0.45
  • Shelf life: 9 Months
  • Powerful Bond Strength. Suitable for Vertical/Horizontal applications.
  • Non Hazardous / non flammable and free from harmful solvents.
  • Prolonged shelf life without affecting the quality on storage.
  • Economical in a long run, since it ensures long life of furniture.
  • Free from grits & lumps for easy application.
  • Single component adhesive.
  • Special preservative used to protect adhesive from any bacterial growth during storage.
  • Store away from direct Heat & Sunlight.
Self Life
  • 1 Year from date of Mfg., under recommended storage conditions & in a sealed container.
  • Available in the packs of 500gms, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg and 200kg