Fixcol Marine

Product Detail

You must use water proof adhesive with water proof plywoods otherwise the laminate starts de-bonding after some time. Waterproof Ply or Adhesive, both are not only waterproof and stronger than standard Ply or adhesive but costlier too. So people restrict it to only to water prone areas. Use for all general woodworking purposes.

A properly seasoned and chemically treated wood should be used and must be dust and grease free. Surfaces should be machined to a perfect matching. Apply a thin coat of FIXCOL MARINE

evenly on both joining surfaces with the help of a roller, brush or spatula and then moderately press the glued surfaces (within 4-8 minute) and ensure uniform contact and even spreading of glue.

  • Base: PVA based Emulsion
  • Solid Content: 50%
  • Solid: 52±2
  • Ph: 4
  • Appearance: Milky White
  • Viscosity: 15000 to 17000 CPS
  • Open Time: 4-8 minutes
  • Pressing Time: 1 hour
  • Self Life: Best within 6 months from the date of manufacturing
  • Wet tack: Very high
  • Coverage: One Leminate Sheet Need .700 GMS FIXCOL MARINE
  • Setting Time: 4.30 Hours
  • When not in use keep container closed & keep away from Sunlight.
Self Life
  • 12 months - Best within 9 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • 1Kg, 2Kgs, 5Kgs, 10Kgs, 20Kgs, 50kgs and 200kgs