Fixcol Mambrane Glue

Product Detail

FIXCOL MEMBRANE GLUE is a water based, single component, specially modified copolymer emulsion, designed for bonding difficult to bond substrates like PVC/ABS to cellulosic substrates like wood/MFD/particle board via membrane press machine under heat and vacuum.

  • Bonding for PVC/ABS to cellulosic substrates like wood/MDS/particle board via activation
  • High heat resistance
  • High water resistance
  • Pot life after addition of cross liker is 24-36 hrs
  • Economical
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent and durable bonding
  • Appearance: White Liquid
  • Viscosity (bP,#4 60rpm): 12000 to 13000
  • Solid: 55.75
  • Ph: 4-5
  • Adhesion Strength (Kg/3cm): 4.58
  • Creep(mm/min): 1.62
  • Coverage: 7 to 8 doors in 1 kg
  • Store in cool and dry place. Close the lids tightly after use
  • 20kg, 35kg and 50kg